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Project 3

Status: Published

By: rudra_trivedi

Created: November 30, 2019

This project is about studying a certain cognitive bias which will be named at the end to avoid any effect on the decision.

5 minutes

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Greetings! I am currently doing a study on cognitive biases and this project helps me get the necessary data. I’ll be very grateful if you spare some time and participate in the study, which is about 3-5 minutes. The data collection is anonymous so please do not discuss with others while answering. Thank you !


Other Info


This study was about the disposition effect which is a cognitive bias stating that people tend to sell the object whose value has increased rather than the object whose value has decreased.


To think about disposition effect, it’s a illogical in some cases (stock market) where people tend to keep the stocks whose price is increasing and sell whose price is decreasing. I want to see if people really do adhere with the bias. This can be used as an effective marketing tool.

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