As a member, you need to know the four rules of our community:

1. We Are Serious But We Do Like to Have Fun

StudyCrafters take a playful approach to science. Research can be made more fun. We also believe that we get better results if our participants are engaged. To be successful, it is important to think about the participant and the researcher.

The Participant

Participants decide voluntarily to participate in your research. As a researcher, you should be mindful about their time and effort and not expose them to situations that are inappropriate. You are responsible to engage participants in creative ways.

The Researcher

Researchers make efforts to better understand “why people do what they do.” As a participant, you should be mindful that researchers want to acquire valid data. It is OK to play around, but make sure you select that your data should be discarded at the end.

2. We Stand on Each Other's Shoulders, Not on Each Other’s Feet

StudyCrafter is a collaborative platform where we work together to advance our understanding of “why people do what they do.” But we do this in a respectful manner and by giving credit to one another.

Be respectful

We want to make sure that everyone feels welcome in this community. StudyCrafter welcomes people of all ages, races, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, and gender identities. Be welcoming and respectful when you post comments or create projects. Help each other. We will not tolerate rudeness, discriminatory or offensive language of any sort, harassment, or any other inappropriate behavior.


You are free to remix projects and retrieve data. Likewise, anyone can use what you have created or gathered. You have the option to list projects and data as private or unlisted to disable access to other users. As per our open sharing and data policy, you will need to make your project and data public after completion of your study. Be sure to give credit when you remix or are inspired by another project.

3. We Love to Experiment But Do So Responsibly

StudyCrafters take a playful approach to science by being creative, thinking out of the box, and by experimenting. But we do so in a responsible manner. We do not engage in inappropriate behavior or acts that would endanger ourselves or others.

Keep Personal Info Private

In StudyCrafter all data is automatically collected anonymously, which safeguards scientific integrity and protects confidentiality. You should be careful in disclosing your real name but also personal contact information, such as your email, personal websites, and social media accounts.

Act Ethically and Responsibly

StudyCrafters should act according to the ethical standards of research, which includes not exposing participants to unnecessary risk and acting in the interest of individuals, groups and/or society as a whole. We also should hold others responsible. If you think a project or comment is inappropriate, report it.

4. We are Cautiously Curious About Something

StudyCrafters are curious about something. We want to learn how the world works, in particular “why people do what they do.” In striving to accomplish our research goals, we act with caution: we are honest about our intentions and outcomes and are aware of biases that may play a role.

Be honest

Clearly state what your research intentions are with your projects and do not change these after analyzing your data. Do not falsify your data and report non-results. No result is also a result. Report what went wrong. We all learn from failure.

Be aware of bias

Biases are errors in research. They influence project design, outcomes, and interpretation. This may happen because of opinion, preference, prejudice, intuition, or simply unaccounted for “noise”. StudyCrafters should be critical of themselves and of others to minimize bias.