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StudyCrafter is a free playful platform
where users can create, play, and share
research projects to understand human behavior.
Group 1


Build engaging research projects
with just a few button clicks with
our editor. No programming
experience required.


Contribute to research by playing
projects and giving feedback. Keep
track of results and learn something about yourself

Group 8


Get inspired by the work of others
and share your work in return.
Join discussions and community
labs to help each other.

Who is it for?

StudyCrafter is a collaborative community
for professional researchers, teachers,
students, and citizen scientists.

Professional Researchers

Take a playful approach
to research. Find creative ways
to explore human behavior
and build gamified projects
to engage participants.

& Students

Learn about research
by doing it. StudyCrafter
removes many barriers that
make it hard to conduct
research in education.


Become a StudyCrafter
and contribute. StudyCrafter
welcomes everyone to help
advance our understanding
of human behavior.

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